Why did Martha Gelin write The Sex EXplanation Handbook?

She wrote it to give parents help in dealing with the many sexual topics that young children are being exposed to.

There are no other books that help you explain difficult subjects like sex crimes, transsexuality, adult sexual games, oral and anal sex, child sexual abuse, and other topics that ever-younger children are hearing about.

Parents are feeling overwhelmed, and often are at a loss as to what to say. The Sex EXplanation Handbook fills that need.

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Who was it written for?

The Sex EXplanation Handbook was written primarily for parents, though professionals working with children and young people also find it useful.

How is this book different from other sex education books?

In its frankness. The Sex EXplanation Handbook uses plain English and deals in a non-sensational, straightforward way with sexual facts. It includes age-appropriate language to explain the most difficult sexual topics, as well as the basics.

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