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Children need help to build up a constructive picture of what being a grownup is and where sexuality fits into the world. Parents, and those who work with children, need to step up and provide kids with real sexual facts, and with responsible notions of sexual behaviour.

The Sex EXplanation Handbook helps in three main ways:

1. It includes the most difficult sexual topics;

2. It gives actual words you can use for ages preschool through the teens – and the words are in plain English;

3. It encourages and gives suggestions for talking about the sexual behaviours you feel are important.

Kids need information and they need direction. This book helps you provide both.

Table of Contents : The Sex EXplanation Handbook

An Introduction to the Handbook and how to use it.

Chapter 1     Sexual Facts and Values; Parents’ Fears; How to Talk; A Plan for Getting Started

Chapter 2     Intercourse: Penis/Vagina

Chapter 3     Oral Sex and Anal Sex

Chapter 4     Other Sexual Practices; Various Sexual Topics:

Kissing, Touching; Masturbation; Contraception; Wet Dreams; Ejaculation; Bestiality; Early Puberty; Prostitution; Sexual Fantasies; Fetishes; Games and Gear (SM, B&D, Sex toys); Menstruation; Abortion             

Chapter 5    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Bisexuality

Chapter 6    Transsexuality and Cross Dressing

Chapter 7    Sexually Transmissible Infections and Preserving Sexual Health

Chapter 8    Risky Sex and Safer Sexual Practices

Chapter 9    HIV Infection and AIDS

Chapter 10   Sex Crimes

Chapter 11   Pedophilia and Pornography

Chapter 12  The Media, The Internet, Mobile Phones, and Safety

Chapter 13   Helping Kids Develop Decision Making Skills

Chapter 14  Habits of Self Protection: Common Sense in Action

Appendix    Introduce Sexual Topics at Which Ages

How the chapters work

Chapter 1 gives ideas on answering questions, initiating discussions, expressing your values; and a plan to get you started.

Chapter 2 gives words to explain penis/vagina intercourse,and includes sections on related subjects such as virginity, abstinence, IVF, premature ejaculation, birth, sex play in young children, orgasm, age of consent.

Chapters 3-11 include general information on the topics, as well as wording suggestions for different age groups.

Chapters 12, 13 and 14 are aimed at helping children develop self protective behaviors and decision making skills. They include words for different age groups, as well as ideas for thinking rehearsals and safety skills practice.

Ideas for values discussions are included throughout the book. Parents are encouraged at every point to express their feelings about how people should behave with one another sexually. Kids need direction as much as they need information.

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