How do I start sex education at home?

The Sex EXplanation Handbook gives you a plan, and guidance on finding ways in everyday life to discuss important sexual facts.

It also has an appendix listing what kinds of topics can be introduced by what ages; and in Chapter 1, gives an outline of ‘foundation information’ for the child to know before they begin grade one.

Do I ignore the sexual images in the media?

I wouldn’t. Have a think about what they are teaching your children about how to be a sexual being, or how to be an adult or a teen. If you leave a vacuum in your home regarding sexual information and sexual values, the media will fill it.

The Sex EXplanation Handbook has lots of suggestions to help you say what you feel should be said about the media and sex.

But I don’t want to condone all the sexual behaviour we see in the media!

You don’t have to. Children need facts. They need to understand what is going on. But they also need values. They need direction as to what kinds of sexual behaviors are OK and not OK. Giving information about sexual behaviour is not the same as giving permission for the behaviour to occur.

What sexual values does the book suggest?

Apart from the basic human values of respect, responsibility, protecting one’s own and one’s partner’s health, and voluntary participation in sexual activity at an old enough age, The Sex EXplanation Handbook leaves values teaching up to the parents.

It gives suggestions for wordings of various kinds of values, from very conservative to very liberal, so that parents have help in finding words to express their own sexual values. It encourages parents to tell their children what their sexual values are, and encourages values discussions at home between children and parents.

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